History of Polo


The origins of the Polo are hard to establish. There is not a documented history or written facts about the beginnings of the sport. Therefore, without doubt is one of the oldest games in the world. Polo was born about 2,500 years ago in Asia.

Kings, Emperors, Shahs and Sultans adopted the Polo as a hobby. They should be warriors with courage, good hunters and also exceptional polo players.

The Polo is a game so complete that for sure it has been used as training for horse troops from Constantinople to Japan in the Middle Ages.

In 1764, English discover it in India. And they adopt it, starting to use cricket bats and balls. Also they are the ones who make the rules..

In 1876, an American takes the Polo to New York. Gordon Bennet, went to a final in Hurlingham and love this sport, so he returns to his country having copies of the rulesand also brings malets and tacos.

In 1883, in England, born the Hurlingham Polo Club. And later becomes the Hurlingham Polo Association, the leading institution in the world. Thereafter, the English will be the maximum Polo diffusers throughout Europe.

The Polo in Argentina

The Argentine Polo is without doubt the best in the world. Argentina is the winner at the world champion continuously from 1949 to the present.
In our country, many Englishmen ranchers and ranchers reported Criollos easily adopted because somehow felt familiar.
In Argentina they play PATO that since 1810 was played on horseback, playing a duck inside a stitched leather. It is important to know that because the characteristics are similar to the Polo.
The Americans introduced Handicap, putting a number of goals to the players according to their skills. 10 goals of handicap is the crowning achievement of a polo player.
The Polo was first played in the province of Santa Fe, and then begin to play in different areas like: Venado Tuerto, Cañada de Gómez, Quilmes and Flores.
In 1888, was founded the Hurlingham club and in 1892 The River Plate Association, that shortly after, will become the Argentina Polo Association.
The Argentine Polo Open is the most prestigious tournament in the world.