10 brief overview of Polo

1- Two teams, made up of 4 polo players each, play in every polo match.
2- A Polo player cannot hold the mallet/stick with his left hand.
3- Each player’s value is rated under the same handicap system.
4- Each match period, called chukker, is 7 minutes long. A polo match lasts a maximum of 8 chukkers. The breaks between each match period, a chukker, are 3 minutes long.
5- Fouls are penalized with penalty shots, which may be hit from 30, 40 or 60 yards midfield or from the point of the infraction. The umpire chooses the position of the penalty shot according to the severity of the foul.
6- A player can use his mallet to hook the opponent’s mallet; however the hooking swing can be neither above the shoulder line nor from the opposite side where the swing is being made.
7- The flagmen placed behind the goal line or en line waves the flag overhead to signal a goal has been scored.
8- After a goal is scored, the polo teams change direction
9- The polo team which scores more goals wins the match. A goal is scored when the polo ball crosses the line between the goal posts or its extension
10- If a score is tied, overtime called Sudden Death is played to decide the winner by a golden goal.